Top 5 Architectural Designs of the Modern World 

Long before the advent of architecture as a modern discipline, humans have designed incredible buildings and made designs of eye-watering proportions. Some of these pre-modern buildings defy the laws of physics and go against the law of gravity; The Egyptian pyramids, The Leaning Towers of Piza, and the Buckingham Palace to mention a few. Several designs are so exquisite and perfect you would want to sit down, have a dinner with the architect to know how they came about the design.With recent advances in the fields of science, physics, engineering, and mathematics the field of architecture has been catapulted to greater heights. And we now witness new wonders of the new world. The architectural designs on this list feature towers and residential buildings designed with luxury in mind.

The Jeddah Tower, Saudi Arabia

The Jeddah Tower is proposed to be more than one kilometer long which will effectively make it the tallest building on the planet. The building is fitted with 60 elevators, with five of those being double-decker, and also more than 10 escalators. It features an aerodynamic 3-sided architectural design that prevents wind and gravity from causing damage to the tower.

The 157th floor of the Jeddah Tower will also have the world’s highest observation deck. It is designed with spaces for luxury apartments, residential and office spaces. It is specially designed to reduce cooling loads on the system by using low-conductivity glass for the construction of the exterior walls. The building is narrow at the upperparts and wide at the lower parts. The project is still under construction.

The Taipei Tower

The Taipei Tower goes by several names including Agora Garden Tower and Tao Zhu Yin Yuan. The tower is a spiral structure designed to resemble the double-helix shape of human DNA. The tower is a 21-story building with sustainable eco-friendly features like solar power, rainwater retention, and long terraces stocked with vegetables, fruits, and herbs. It rose to a height of above 300 feet. The tower is mainly filled with ultra-luxury residential apartments and it also boasts seismic protection. This is very important in case of earthquakes or other seismic activities. The Taipei Tower is still under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. All materials used in the construction are either recycled or recyclable materials.

Khazar Island, Azerbaijan

The Khazar Island project is the home of the Azerbaijan Tower which was once the world’s tallest building. The project is being developed on The Caspian Sea on more than 40 artificial islands. Sited more than 20 kilometers from Baku, it covers above 2000 hectares of reclaimed land. The Khazar Island project is still under construction and it comprises dual parallel buildings on the major island and several towers and villas on the minor islands. The hi-tech buildings on Khazar Island will also include a 70-story hotel, Formula One racing track, sports stadium, schools, malls, hospitals, and many more. Several bridges will also be constructed to link all the minor islands to the major ones.

Millennium Village, Indonesia

Millennium Village was built to meet the needs of Indonesians and it is situated in Tangerang. The village features three amazing Towers: Iconic Tower (100-story building) and Gateway Tower and Super Tower, both of which are 70-story tall. Upon completion of the Millennium Village, the Iconic Tower will be the tallest building in Indonesia. The village is a sprawling expanse that includes Millennium Sky Park, Siloam Health City, offices, apartments, hotels, schools, and a lot more. Millennium Village occupies 725 hectares of land with 125 hectares devoted to a green park. The project blends city life and nature perfectly.

Ocean House, Middle East

Of all the projects on this list, The Ocean House is the most luxurious and is solely residential. A project undertaken by Miguel Rueda Designs, it is one of the most spacious homes on the planet. This ultra-luxury residential building sits on 125 acres of land and boasts an exquisite architectural design. Every detail of the project was painstakingly designed with attention to every detail. The projects will feature the best interior designers the world has to offer. Ocean House also has a private dork, Oceanside leisure, and a private beach.The outdoor arena on Ocean House can seat 600 guests at a time. The design is complete with an outdoor movie theater and a boutique restaurant.


When it comes to architectural designs, the modern world interior designers have a lot to offer. There are other amazing projects apart from the ones mentioned in this list. The right expert can bring your modern dream to reality.

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