Tiling Your Swimming Pool – Best Option, Tips and Precautions

We must admit that swimming pool tiles are the heart of a swimming pool. For obvious reasons, choosing suitable swimming pool tiles to bring out a wow factor and a nice aesthetic view is a hassle for many. There are many factors to consider when tilling your swimming pool, from the type of pool you have to the materials, colour preferences, and functionality.

Since the goal is to get a nice-looking swimming pool with good functionality, it is essential to know the kind of swimming pool tiles that bring a refreshing look. But before that, let’s look at the other types of pools and what tiles work best on them.

Popular Types of Swimming Pools in Perth

Concrete Pool

The concrete pool is well-suited for most people who love to design their collections. This in-ground pool is created by spraying gunite or shotcrete. The process takes about 28 days for the concrete to strengthen and harden.

The Fibreglass Pool Shell

This popular one-piece pool is the easiest to install.

The installation involves creating a mold with a pattern of the desired design of your swimming pool. After the mold pattern is designed, it is transported to the job site. Creating the right pattern for the mold takes 3-6 months, but the installation process has a shorter period. If you are in a hurry to install a pool with low maintenance. Fibreglass should be your top choice.

Vinyl Pool

It has the same installation process as concrete tools. It also works best for those on a budget or who own a small property. Vinyl pools are best known for their durability, easy maintenance, and installation.

That said, if you are planning on retiling your swimming pool soon, we have got you covered. The following sections will help you choose the best swimming pool tiles and the precautions you must take before making a final decision – let’s dive in.

Top 3 Tiling Options for Your Swimming Pool

1.      Glass Pool Tiles

If you want an exquisite look that captures everyone’s attention during your next pool party, the glass swimming pool tiles will do you great! They come in different pool tile designs, shades and various styles to help you match your interior design. Even though they are pretty expensive, they are worth being installed.

There are many advantages of choosing glass pool tiles, like they glimmer in different light conditions making your pool more lively. Unlike other ceramic tiles, glass tiles are extremely water resistant – something that you’d definitely want. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance because they are easy to clean, and the glass nature in them doesn’t allow the growth of moulds.

2.      Ceramic Tiles

If you have a small or big swimming pool that needs a new look within your budget. The ceramic pool tiles are an excellent option for you. They are available in various colours, and textures to help you bring out a unique look for your pool. Those who desire an outstanding shiny collection can get glass-like ceramic tiles at a lower price.

Ceramic tiles are also known for their durability, unique style & look, affordability and resistance to heat absorption. You can always choose these swimming pool tiles as they make the safest choice.

3. Porcelain Tiles

It’s a new variety of ceramic tiles created by heating it under higher temperatures than ceramic tiles. The porcelain swimming pool tiles provide a continuous surface when used in large sizes in walls that are not curved.

Precautions to Take Before Tiling

  • Ensure the swimming pool tiles to be replaced are exposed. This is the first step in ensuring your swimming pool is ready to receive the pool tiles. The water levels have to be lowered to ensure that the old pool tiles are exposed.
  • Ensure the tile surfaces are cleaned, and remove impurities like wax or other currying Compounds. Cleaning the swimming pool tiles exposes them to the mortar, ensuring a proper pool tiles in Perth. After cleaning, hammers and small chisels are used to remove the old tiles, making room for the new ones.
  • Make sure the substrate depth behind the swimming pool tile is 1/8 Inch. If it’s greater, remove the plaster; if it’s less, add plaster.
  • Avoid storing the swimming pool tiles under direct sunlight before replacement is done.
  • To achieve better adhesion, moisturise the wall before applying adhesives.

Choosing suitable swimming pool tiles for your swimming pool can take time and effort. Whether you want to install glass-mosaic or ceramic pool tiles, getting the best personnel to help you bring your swimming pool to life is a worthwhile investment. All you have to do is prepare your pool for a new refreshing look.

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