Owning a Home in Bellevue, WA: Living, Working, and Having Fun

Do you want to own a home in Bellevue? With its great landscape, mountains, waterways, shopping centers, and rich cultural scene, Bellevue offers one of the best places to live, work, and have fun. You will have several employment and investment opportunities to make your stay in the area fantastic. The great neighborhoods and spots, such as Lakemont, Somerville, and Newport, and the fact that you are close to the city will make living in Bellevue a good decision.


A Good Location for Your Lifestyle

If location is important for you, talk to Bellevue real estate agent April Jeong-Callies and start inspecting homes in Bellevue. The neighborhood is located in King County, Washington, and sits 15 minutes from Seattle. You can easily access Bellevue by rail or by two bridges. Ranked the fifth largest city in Washington, the city has all the amenities you need, from recreational facilities, shops, health centers, and much more.

While living in Bellevue, you are 41 minutes from Tacoma and only 16 minutes from Redmond. As a suburb of Seattle, the city had developments that make it a residential urban area. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come to the city to enjoy the best restaurants in Belevue, its natural beauty, with the waterfront properties making the waterfront even more appealing.

The Cost of Life in Bellevue

There are so many properties in Bellevue that cost over a million dollars. For anyone who wants to make a real estate investment, Bellevue can bring great returns. The prices have risen significantly in the past few years to more than 150% above the national average. The housing market is very competitive, meaning homes sell fast. Most homes will have multiple offers, with homes off the market within a week. Whether you need a home or you are making an investment, you will love the market. Some houses may be more expensive than those in New York City, but the market is very fluid. 

Enjoyable Climate All Year Long

You will enjoy warm and dry summers when looking for things to do  in Bellevue. The winters are cold and cloudy, and although it is among the coldest cities in Washington, there are several winter activities to enjoy. Temperatures range between 37 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit all year. The winter snow lasts only a month and a half, with only five inches of snow falling.

You must bring your rain jacket to the city, meaning there is greenery all year. 

Find Employment in the City

In terms of employment, Bellevue is the second-best city in Washington State. There are more than 150,000 jobs, and the opportunities keep growing. Young people coming to the city will find work in companies such as Amazon, Intellectual Ventures, Expedia Group, Microsoft, Esterline, and Valve, among others. There are also top-rated schools for your kids and teachers looking for employment in the area. 

If your goal is to own a home in a high-tech city with a lot of opportunities, Bellevue will serve you right. Talk to Bellevue real estate agent April Jeong-Callies today and make your dream of living in Bellevue a reality.

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