Main Precaution A Landlord Must Have Before Closing A Rental Contract

Whatever the case, it is natural that numerous doubts arise about what can and cannot be done when signing a contract. Check below the main precautions that the landlord must have before closing a rental contract or he can use the help of realtors like 33 Realty to guide him:

  1. Documented Inspection

Before entering the property, require a documented inspection with all the details of the location. This inspection should be carried out room by room and contain any detail of the location, such as windows that are difficult to open, cracked tiles, painting, electrical and hydraulic conditions, among others. A good inspection should even check for possible structural problems, analyzing cracks and other points in the property.

  1. Contract

Pay close attention to the contract signed when renting a property. Read about the tenancy law and do not accept unfair terms among the main items of the document, the total term of the lease, the minimum term of the lease, the rent amount, the property address, rules for giving up the rent before the stipulated period, and the fees for adjustment purposes, which it can only occur once a year and according to the rate stipulated in the contract.

  1. Leaving The Property

The moment of handing over the keys has been a reason for much discussion between tenants and landlords/real estate agents. This is because unfair rules apply to tenants. A great example is a requirement regarding painting. Owners usually require brand and color, but this requirement cannot be made.

Concerning the bills generated during the dwelling, all must be paid. And the property must be delivered in the same condition as it was rented so that it can be rented again without major problems or loss of time.

  1. Rights And Duties

It is clear that there is a need to guarantee their rights, but Law 8245 of the year 1991, better known as the tenancy law, talks about tenants’ rights and their duties. Therefore, one of the essential tips is for the tenant to read more about the rules they must follow and what this law says to their obligations. Among the obligations of those who rent a property are keeping it in order and taking care of the place as if it were their property, in addition to returning it in the same conditions as it was received.

In addition, if there is a withdrawal before the deadline stipulated in the contract, the law allows the tenant to pay an acceptable amount. Depending on the agreement made, this fine may be waived by the owner of the property.

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