How Feature Tiles Can Freshen Up Your Space

Feature tiles are a fantastic way to create a bold impact in your home. Whether you are renovating or building new, feature tiles can be that design statement that elevates your bathroom, kitchen, living room or outdoor area. Continue reading to be further inspired and learn about specific ways of incorporating feature tiles into your space.

Feature walls

Feature walls using patterned or coloured tiles are a simple way to create an eye catching statement. There are endless patterns, styles and finishes to choose from, and whether your space is minimalist, traditional, Mediterranean, industrial or contemporary, there are bound to be tiles which will suit the style of your home.  You can position a feature wall in your shower, as a kitchen splashback, or in your outdoor alfresco area.

Feature floor tiles

Statement floor tiles can work beautifully on your kitchen and bathroom floors, however there really are no limits as to where you place your feature floor tiles. You can even opt for feature floor tiles in your living room or outdoor space, which provide a unique touch to your home. Feature floor tiles can also be utilised throughout two rooms to connect the two spaces.

Kitchen splashback

Utilising feature tiles on a kitchen splashback is a popular option for many people, especially if they have a smaller space to work with. You can use your chosen tiles to match up with other elements and colour schemes in your kitchen, which will provide cohesion. Or – you can choose bold and contrasting tiles for your kitchen splashback if you want them to serve as a main feature point of your kitchen.


Mosaicing tiles is an ancient technique, and is still popular today. By incorporating mosaic tiles into your space, you can create something truly custom and unique. Mosaic tiles are often used in wet areas such as bathrooms and poolside areas, but they can also be used in kitchens. You can also use mosaic to embelleish other forms of feature tiles, through bordering for example.

Embellish your bathroom shelving alcoves

If you are wanting to utilise feature tiles in a more subtle way, you can use them to embellish alcove shelving in your bathroom. This works both with matching up existing feature tiling in the room, or to introduce feature tiling.


Tile borders are another way to use feature tiles in a more subtle way, but can be a great option if you are just wanting pops of colour here and there. Borders can also be used to match with other feature tiling you have in your home. You can use classic geometric tiles, or a mosaicing technique to create your feature tile borders.

Kitchen island bench

Feature tiles can be used on the underside of your kitchen island. This is a fantastic option for kitchens which are neutral, as they can create an eye catching impact against more muted tones.

Poolside feature tiling

Feature tiles can work beautifully for poolside water features, or in the space along the top of the pool waterline. Popular options include Mediterranean look feature tiles, which bring that holiday feel to your pool area.

Bathroom skirting tiles

To connect your tiled bathroom floors to your walls, bathroom skirting tiles can be a wonderful way to add cohesion to the space. You can also use a strip of patterned tiles as bathroom skirting to contrast against plain bathroom tiles.

Elevate your woodfired pizza oven

Feature tiles look beautiful on the outside of outdoor pizza ovens. You can use a mosaic technique or use traditional geometric feature tiles depending on your design preferences.

Exterior walls

Feature tiles aren’t limited to being used indoors. You can create an outdoor feature wall on any part of your home exterior, whether it be your backyard area or you are wanting to make a statement on the front of your home.  Just make sure the feature tiles are designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions and are installed by a professional to get the best result.

Up your tile game

Visit a tile showroom to get a feel for your options, or browse for inspiration online. Whether you are building or renovating, it is always best to source your feature tiles from a reputable tile company, and you get them installed by professionals. You will end up with a seamless, high quality finish which will last for decades.

Whether you are using feature tiles for your bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, living room tiles, or outdoor tiles – they will add a beautiful touch to your home. They provide you with the opportunity to provide your personal touch and style to your home, as well as allow you to create a cohesive aesthetic and colour scheme to your space. For more information please visit – san francisco apartments


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