Dictionary Of The Real Estate Market: Understand The Main Terms

The real estate market has many technical expressions, unusual in everyday life, but always found in the communication between professionals and potential clients. Mastering terms does not have to happen overnight because the list is extensive; however, consulting a real estate market dictionary from keyrenter houston helps to improve consumer decision-making.

The Importance Of The Real Estate Market Dictionary

Confidence To Carry Out Transactions Of Purchase, Rent, Or Sale Of Real Estate

No one can feel safe making a plan to buy a property without knowing the necessary steps. Preparation must take place responsibly, transparently, and with as much information available to both sides, the owner and the customer.

Understanding what is involved in buying or selling a property, and consequently, understanding the meaning of the principal terms used in the real estate market, helps the client understand each part of the process and increase their confidence.

With the knowledge of technical terms, the basis for negotiation tends to increase, and the desire to remove significant doubts becomes more evident, helping to make the experience of acquiring or selling a property even more peaceful.

As a consequence of the above factors, when mastering the main terms in the real estate market dictionary, the client acquires more confidence to seek the preliminary information he needs, facilitating negotiation and the work of those involved to close the deal.

Real Estate Market Dictionary: Know Some Terms And Expressions

Real Estate Appraisal

The evaluation procedure is carried out by a specialized professional or a company focused on the segment. After carrying out a series of careful analyses regarding the property, it indicates a price for the sale.

Property Registration

Made by the Real Estate Registry Office, the registration of a property is the act of legally updating, in its registration, the structural changes made or even the changes in the condition of its owners. Among the changes to the property that require the registration of an annotation is any renovation or construction that changes the number of rooms or the total built area of ​​the property. Changes in the marital status of the owners (such as marriage or name change) must also be registered through an annotation.

Drawer Contract

The drawer contract is an unofficial type of contractual statement; however, it involves recording all the processes of buying and selling a property.

PCV – Promise Of Purchase And Sale

This type of contract works for the purchase and sale of a property. Signed after negotiations and before payment or updating of documentation, the promissory contract dictates what both parties involved have agreed to fulfill, either on the buyer’s or the seller’s side and seals a commitment between them.


The property deed is the public document formalizes the definitive contract for purchasing and selling this asset.

Settle In

The occupancy permit from keyrenter Houston is a license to occupy and use a newly built property. For the issuance to be carried out without any irregularities, the property must undergo a series of inspections by construction inspectors and public companies (water, electricity, sewage, etc.).


Default refers to non-compliance with a mandatory activity, such as non-payment of installments of property on the agreed date.

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