Advantages Of Using Grub Control For Lawns

Grubs are the tiny, white-coloured and c-shaped larvae of Japanese, June beetles, and chafers. They live underneath the root system of the lawn. These also feed on the roots of grass and plants. The grubs can cause significant damage because once they feed on grass roots, they change to pupae, which finally hatch into beetles. These beetles eat plants and hatch eggs. Those eggs hatch into grubs in the fall, and the vicious cycle continues in the following spring.

How does the Preventative Grub Control for lawns benefit a property?

To ensure that the grub does not hatch eggs on the lawn, one must apply Preventative Grub Control for lawns in the summer. The product also moves into the soil before the eggs hatch, thus protecting the plants from feeding larvae. The application is also efficient and helps in controlling grubs. This also saves one lots of time and money compared to the time and money one will be able to keep after the growth of the grub.

Post-Emergent Grub Control

If one applies preventative Grub Control for lawns, and one finds grubs damaging their property, there are still things one can do that will help. One should treat the grubs and also keep in mind that the treatment is less effective than preventative treatments as the grubs are more extensive and much more mature. Everybody was not born on the same day. They all have different birthdays. The same can be said for grubs. All of them do not hatch in the soil on the same day. The younger the fare, the more influential the material is on it; the more mature the grubs are, the less effective the material is. It is good to say that at this stage, it is safe to say that this material applied at this stage will be able to produce about 60-70 per cent control that results in actively feeding grubs. Moreover, the treatments one takes to control the grubs at this life cycle stage also require heavy watering after the application. This helps to move the product to the root zone, where the grubs are feeding.


If one uses a little bit of prevention, that will go a long way regarding grub control. One needs to save himself the time and hassle that is associated with controlling mature grubs and reseeding the damaged areas. They can do this by getting a preventative grub control application this summer. Irrespective of whether one does it himself or has a lawn care professional, it is essential to apply the treatment before the growth of the grub. One should ensure they get the preventative Grub Control for lawns from the best company. This will ensure that these are highly effective. Grub prevention requires lesser active ingredients to eliminate an out of control grub infestation. Routine grub prevention treatment targets the grubs when they are still quite small. Once grub eradication becomes necessary, the grubs get matured and are more resilient to gentler preventative treatments.

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