8 Criteria You Should Consider Before Hiring A Website

A great website needs to use good and advanced SEO techniques, be dynamic, well-structured, and responsive. It should also be easy to use and with good information architecture.

Look for a site that integrates with a robust CRM, social networks, WhatsApp, and the leading real estate portals. That allows viewing of photos, videos, and virtual visits to properties. That has service via chat, creation of pages

And if you want a powerful sales tool, below are 8 criteria you should consider before hiring a website:

Be Done By Professionals With Good Reputation:

Don’t be tempted to let your computer-savvy nephew develop your website!

Look for experienced companies or the best real estate websites specializing in website development. Prefer a soft house, preferably those specialized in real estate.

This partner will facilitate and add a lot, as it already knows the market’s needs in which you operate. You are attuned to technological trends and certainly have a ready-made product, or you can develop a bespoke website with everything you need. It’s even possible that he’ll tell you about essential functions that you might not even be remembering.

Before closing the deal, you can also find out about the Company’s reputation through review sites, such as the advertisement here, for example.

Knowing the problems reported by users who use that product can free you from a real headache.

Be Optimized For Google:

Because it’s no use having a website if it’s not optimized for Google, the website has to use good and effective SEO strategies so that its work can appear in the search results.

Ask the provider to show on Google how their customers are ranked in organic search (free, by relevance). It’s an excellent way to prove the platform’s potential.

Be Dynamic, Easy To Use, And Managed By You:

A good site should focus on the user experience.

It should be easy to use. The user cannot find it difficult to search and see what he wants.

Likewise, you should opt for platforms on which you have the autonomy to edit and publish the contents displayed on the site. Have you ever thought about having to wait 15 days for your supplier to change a simple phone number or contact email?

Beware, this exists and is more common than it sounds.

Responsive Layout With A Contemporary Visual:

With technological advances, it is possible to access any information by cell phone. Suppose your website needs to adapt to the most different screen formats to ensure a good user experience. A company that doesn’t have a responsive site also loses placement on Google that ranks best for responsive sites.

In addition to being responsive, it must have a contemporary look; after all, no Customer will want to enter a store with an outdated look, with an outdated look.

Tip: Invest in modernizing the look and feel of your website every year.

Good Performance:

The site needs to load content quickly and again prioritize the user experience.

Customers give up browsing slow sites and move on to the following site.

Integration With Portals And Social Networks:

A dynamic website or the best real estate websites will allow you to integrate your content into all the Company’s social networks and real estate portals.

Sites with integration facilitate real estate routines that, with just 1 click, you can export your ads and update them in other advertising media.

This is practicality!

How To Measure It Through Google Analytics:

Have a website and do not know the number of visits?

Where did they come from, the most visited pages, or what words are used to reach your site?

Knowing the people who are accessing your site is essential to measure the feedback and implement improvement strategies or continue them.

You must have a Google Analytics account and measure the site.

Be Able To Count On Technical Support:

Choose a company that offers adequate technical support to help you with your doubts and difficulties.

When you face a problem, you need someone to turn to.

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